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The latest news and information on our Beds and Mattresses.

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The Right Mattress
14-07-2013 11:53:00
With such a wide variety of mattresses available, knowing which one will serve you best and give you a good night's sleep can be quite an undertaking. Choosing the wrong mattress, whether that's because of construction or that you've chosen one that's either too firm or too soft, can lead to broken nights and waking up feeling stiff and sore.
Dressing Your Divan Bed
11-07-2013 11:50:00
Making beds look pretty and inviting during the day is the best way of turning your bedroom into a place that's inviting and welcoming. There's nothing worse than an unmade bed for making a room look uncared for and untidy, but effectively dressing the bed can turn it from a made bed into a work of art.
Storage Solutions and Ideas for Small Rooms
10-07-2013 14:54:00
Somewhere in every house you'll find a tiny room that defies attempts to make it into something useful. Modern houses can suffer from small room syndrome more than most, as housing developers try to cram as many dwellings as possible into the land available.
Top 5 Bed Styles
08-07-2013 14:52:00
Thinking of buying a new bed? Which style or size you choose depends on the space it will fit into and the person who'll sleep in it. Beds come in many different styles and finishes, so here's a quick guide to five of the most popular types of bed.
Caring for a Leather Bed
04-07-2013 12:51:00
A leather bed is one of the most trendy items of furniture you can own. Contemporary and edgy, it can either be ruggedly masculine or decidedly feminine depending on how you dress it and the accessories you choose to put with it.
Spare Beds Give Everyone a Good Night's Sleep
02-07-2013 12:49:00
Everyone likes having visits from family and friends and there are times when you'd like to be able to invite them to stay overnight, or longer. Having somewhere comfortable for guests to stay gives you the confidence to offer a bed for the night at the drop of a hat.
Building Versatility into Bedrooms
01-07-2013 12:48:00
The versatility of having a stacked bed arrangement can't be over emphasised in these days of small modern houses and extended families. Even for small families, there are times when extra beds are needed and having bunk beds can be an answer to all the problems that can come when house-guests are expected or children need to share a room.
Choosing the Right Mattress in Each Bedroom
28-06-2013 12:45:00
Mattresses for guest rooms are not going to be used as often as those in other rooms that belong to family members, but obviously you want any overnight guests to rest peacefully and wake up refreshed.
A New Bed
27-06-2013 10:57:00
With so many choices available when you're looking for a new bed, it can be hard to see the wood for the trees. No matter what your budget is and which room you're planning to buy a new bed for, metal bed frames offer a versatile option.
Reasons to Buy a Cheap Bed
25-06-2013 10:55:00
Buying inexpensive beds doesn't mean you have to sacrifice either quality or comfort. Many people mistakenly believe that spending just a little on a new bed will result in a high level of dissatisfaction and poor sleep quality, whereas there are distinct advantages to not spending a fortune when you're replacing your bed.
Choose the Right Base for Your Framed Bed
24-06-2013 10:53:00
It's only when you decide the time is right to buy a new bed that you realise the sheer diversity of bed styles that are available today, not just in the construction of the bed, but in the style and materials, the sizes and the colours.
Creating a Fun Kids' Room
21-06-2013 10:48:00
Kid's inbuilt sense of fun and love of bright colours makes them great to decorate for, but they can also be a little picky and their taste may not coincide with yours.
Smaller Houses
20-06-2013 10:46:00
With space being at a premium in many smaller, modern houses, having a spare room ready and waiting for the odd overnight guest isn't a luxury that many people have. Even those who are lucky enough to have a spare room may wish to use it for something else, such as an office or hobby room.
Making the Most of a Spare Room
17-06-2013 10:45:00
Today when the property market is in crisis, selling a house can be a nightmare. But it isn't impossible. There are some things homeowners can do to maximise their property's value and ensure it sells relatively quickly. With space at a premium, buyers want as much as possible for their money.
Beds on Time
14-06-2013 10:43:00
It's strange how, as children, time seemed to have an elastic quality. Then, the clock had no meaning and summer lasted forever. As we grow older, time develops wings and isn't afraid to use them. It's incredible the speed at which it can fly away. Little wonder time has become such a valuable commodity
Foam that remembers to keep you comfortable
12-06-2013 10:42:00
The list of things that are dangerous or bad for the health seems endless. Jogging was once considered the ultimate in daily exercise. Every morning, health conscious joggers pounded the pavements, hoping to burn off calories while giving their heart a work-out.
The Story of Wood
10-06-2013 10:39:00
The wood used to craft furniture has varied with time and culture. In the 16th century Holly and Boxwood were valued by cabinetmakers. Holly's fine white grain or the pale yellow of Boxwood was ideal for inlay or Marquette.
Home Improvements
09-06-2013 11:10:00
Up until the 18th century, beautiful furniture and lavish decor was the privilege of the rich. For the average home, interior design was an unknown concept. With little income, furnishings were basic and kept to the minimum. By the end of the century, a new era had dawned. The mass production of furniture had widened the market's parameters.
Leather Always in Fashion
08-06-2013 11:01:00
From fashion catwalks to furniture show rooms, leather is in our wardrobes as well as our homes. The look as well as the feel of the material is hard to resist. From ancient times, leather has been synonymous with luxury. Even today, genuine leather is an expensive commodity that's often beyond the average budget. Nevertheless, with a bit of research, it is still possible to find some bargains.
Guest who Come to Dinner and stay for Breakfast
07-06-2013 11:01:00
In the past couple of years the sale of cookery books has rocketed. Never before has there been such an interest in home cuisine. Now, having friends to stay at the week-end is practically a national past time. Celebrity chefs provide a variety of ideas to ensure guests a tasty dinner. Yet, hosts also need a recipe to give them a good night's sleep.

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I was very pleased with the service from Beds Warehouse. I received a call the day before delivery to say that the mattress I wanted was out of stock, but was surprised to hear that a more expensive mattress would be delivered instead for the same price I payed for the original, to make up for the inconvenience. Great service guys

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