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What to consider with a King Size Bed

What to consider with a King Size Bed
Category: Bedswarehouse News
Posted: 28-10-2011 11:14:00
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Synopsis: What to consider with a King Size Bed

For a comfortable, refreshing night’s rest, nothing beats a quality King Size Bed. People all over the United Kingdom sleep on king size beds each night because of their roominess and the support they provide for a sound sleep. King size beds have dimensions of 60 inches x 78 inches, providing ample room for two people to enjoy a good night’s rest. A king size bed typically consists of a king-sized mattress that sits on top of a king-sized box spring, but two smaller box-springs are often combined with king-sized mattresses to create king size beds. Either way, the resulting bed will fit in most standard-sized master bedrooms and master suites, and many secondary bedrooms can accommodate king size beds as well. Individuals who are interested in king size beds have a variety of bed frames to choose from. Many people prefer to buy a king size bed with a metal frame because metal frames are durable, attractive and inexpensive. Pine bed frames and bed frames made from other types of wood are also very popular because they provide the classic look that many are looking for in their bedroom furniture. Many other frame options are also available. When purchasing a king size bed, customers should make sure that they consider the dimensions of the entire bed frame and not just the dimensions of the mattress and box springs. Measure the space available in the bedroom and subtract enough inches on at least three sides of the bed to allow for movement in the room. This will give the dimensions of the largest king size bed and frame the room can accomodate. Finally, make sure only to consider king size beds from a quality bed retailer. Beds Warehouse is just such a retailer, and we are happy to answer any questions you have about King Size Beds and much more.


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